We aspire to meet or exceed client’s requirements !

Sale and Purchase department is built up of experienced specialists, whose main purpose is strategic buying and selling, and handling contracts for long/short term time charter. We continuously analyze your fleet and  examine how it can be adapted to meet your cargo needs and strategy. The department advises on which vessels to sell or purchase, as well as on registration, flag changes. We also help to plan the delivery of vessels for scrapping. LG Marine has established and maintains strong relationships with major player institutions.


Our shipbrokerage is very committed to supporting our partner in worldwide. We provides our clients with comprehensive information in sale and purchase and new building. We have built up strong working relationship with major Chinese shipyards, ship owners, cargo owners, government institutions and utilities in the dynamic market. The office is constantly looking to expand the activity into other Asian areas and the aim is to grow as the perfect link between Far East and Western countries.


S&P/newbuilding shipbroker